About us

The history and who are we?

 The story behind Cafe Hjemme Hos Svigers started on an evening of June 2013. We sat and grille, Thor Egil and Mona wondered if we were going to buy a restaurant. Both Mona and Lars wanted something new and this sounded exciting. Lars had the 18 years of industry experience as a chef and head-chef at Majorstua in Oslo. So we decided to check around a bit in places both in Oslo, Akershus and Drøbak. When we called the lawyer with the place in Drøbak we learned that there was a buyer, but Bygdøy there was now a for sale. lawyer wondered if it could be balanced by interest and it did.

  Thus continued the adventure started around October 2013, with meetings and talks. In late November the contract signed. We took over the place on the New Year of 2014 and on the 5th of January 2014, we had our grand opening. Mona and Sylvia had very little experience, we had big queue outside, it was a full blast and chaos, and not only that, our cash register to boycott as well and decided to crash..ha ha …

 Eventually we turned out to be a well established as a team, some come and some go other routes but, Thor Egil, Mona Lars and Sylvia are always here. Our main intention is to make and serve good food in a good atmosphere with the best ingredients we can get. We also accept and cater party events, wedding, baptism… or if you just want to get acquainted with us. We have built a family-oriented business approach.

Have you read enough?

If you are convinced that you will visit us why not just take the tour? Maybe on the next quiz, perhaps to visit one of the museums in the area or maybe just to get a good meal?

Whatever you want, we are ready to you with food, drink and good mood. So hope all of us home At Svigers we’ll see you soon!

Who are we?

Thor Egil

Thor Egil is the engaged in used and antique section, so it’s probably does always look the same as the last time you were here.


Mona previously worked in accounting and cleaning industry. So there we have accounting chick spring.


Lars as mentioned previously was the chef and kitchen manager at Majorstua for 18 years.


Sylvia has also previously been in cleaning and delivery industry.